Our food

Woki offers a healthier option using ingredients from carefully selected suppliers and we make sure our staff have good terms of employment. We work with chefs who know Asian food inside out. Together, we’ve developed around a dozen fantastic dishes, which are prepared to our own special recipes. You’ll recognise many of them, such as our Cashew Chicken. But we’ll also have unique Woki dishes, as well as vegetarian, vegan and low-calorie options. The menu will be the same in all our restaurants, with new dishes added over time and some perhaps deleted too. Variety is the spice of life.

Quick and easy

Many dishes will be pre-prepared at lunchtime and other busy times. But when things are quieter, we’ll prepare the food while you wait. It only takes a few minutes. You then take the food to a table, collecting your drink on the way. Water is always included and you can also buy soft drinks, beer and wine.

The tastes of asia

Every dish on the menu is based on an original Asian recipe. Many are prepared the same way as in Asia, while others have been adapted to make use of local ingredients. We’re also keen for our recipes to be quick, so you aren’t kept waiting. You can look forward to plenty of vegetables – making the food fresher and more nutritious – plus you get generous portions. Here you can get a filling meal at a great price, just like in Asia.

Sustainable Woki

For us, sustainability is about taking responsibility, conducting ourselves properly and treating everyone with respect. We strive to do the right thing in everything from creating less waste to making sure our employees have a collective agreement. Our vegetables are traceable and the meat and chicken comes from farmers who follow the latest animal welfare legislation. Sustainability is developing all the time, and we aim to always be as sustainable as we possibly can.